Kazia stands poised to commence a pivotal study for the registration of paxalisib in glioblastoma.

  • Where and when

    9am on Wednesday 6 November 2020.
    Via live webcast at https://web.lumiagm.com/348336580.


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    Q: I am not comfortable to travel or attend a public meeting indoors because of COVID-19

    A: We are holding a virtual meeting which is accessible through a web link. The software is provided by our Share Registry, Computershare, and is specifically designed to facilitate investor meetings. Please follow the below link to attend our Annual General Meeting: https://web.lumiagm.com/348336580


    Q: Will I be able to ask questions at the meeting, and to vote at the meeting?

    A: Yes, you will be able to ask questions live at the meeting, and also to vote at the meeting. We do strongly encourage you to vote in advance via a proxy vote if you are clear on your voting intentions – this allows the meeting to run more smoothly and limits risk for those attending in person. To vote in advance via proxy, please follow the following link: https://www.investorvote.com.au/Login?cn=4468


    Q: Can I register a question in advance rather than asking in the actual meeting?

    A: Yes, we encourage investors to ask questions in advance via our website. This allows us to collate questions together and make sure we answer as many as possible in the time allowed. You can ask a question in advance by emailing us at info@kaziatherapeutics.com


    Q: I am located in the UK/USA and therefore the meeting is not at a convenient time for me – will there be a webcast that I can view after the meeting has finished?

    A: Yes, the meeting will be recorded, and a copy will be made available on our website