Trilexium (TRXE-009-1)

Trilexium is a novel therapy in early stage pre-clinical development with potential application across a range of different cancer types, and the potential to combine effectively with established targeted therapies

  • Market Need

    Trilexium has demonstrated pre-clinical activity in cancers with high unmet need and relatively limited treatment options including renal cancer and several childhood cancers.

    Trilexium (TRXE-009-1) was identified using Kazia Therapeutics’s proprietary VAL-ID medicinal chemistry program. In vitro efficacy studies have confirmed broad and strong activity against renal cancer, liver cancer, sarcoma, lung cancer, and prostate cancer, among other adult indications. In addition, several paediatric cancers were also indicated as highly responsive including osteosarcoma, neuroblastoma, and diffuse intrinsic pontine glioma (DIPG). DIPG is associated with one of the worst outcomes of any childhood cancer with no chemotherapeutic yet to demonstrate clinical efficacy.

    Trilexium is in early-stage pre clinical development and Kazia Therapeutics is working with global R&D collaborators to identify the best way forward

    Pre-clinical studies in animal models of cancer have shown Trilexium significantly inhibit tumor growth and extend survival as a monotherapy across a number of cancers including melanoma and prostate cancer.

    The Science Behind It

    Trilexium is in early-stage development and Kazia Therapeutics is working with global R&D collaborators with whom we aim to identify biomarkers of activity, delve deeper into the mechanism of action, and complete proof of concept studies assessing differentiated cancer cell populations and matched cancer stem-like populations. Animal studies have confirmed that TRXE-009-1 is active against tumours growing in animals, but these studies used a non-clinical formulation. Further animal studies will follow on from an extensive formulation development program currently underway with a formulation organisation in Canada to generate a clinically acceptable formulation of TRXE-009-1.

    • Pre-clinical data shows Trilexium:
      • Is highly active against a broad range of cancer types
      • Kills cancer cells that are "stem-like" and differentiated cancer cells
      • Targets the stem-like population even when differentiated cells are "insensitive”
      • Combines well with targeted therapy to improve cancer cell death.
    • Trilexium has the potential to work as a monotherapy (indication specific e.g. RCC).
    • Additional benefit may be achieved when used in combination with targeted therapies.
    • Trilexium may have particular relevance in preventing recurrence because of its activity against "stem-like" cancer cell population that are thought to be responsible for chemoresistant recurrent disease.

    TRXE-009-1 is undergoing a formulation program that aims to identify a clinically acceptable drug-product.

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