Kazia Therapeutics Annual Report 2021

36 Kazia Therapeutics Limited 36 Annual Report 2021 GENERAL INFORMATION The financial statements cover Kazia Therapeutics Limited as a consolidated entity consisting of Kazia Therapeutics Limited and the entities it controlled at the end of or during the year. The financial statements are presented in Australian dollars, which is Kazia Therapeutics Limited’s functional and presentation currency. Kazia Therapeutics Limited is a listed public company limited by shares, incorporated and domiciled in Australia. Its registered office and principal place of business is: Three International Towers, Level 24 300 Barangaroo Avenue Sydney NSW 2000 A description of the nature of the consolidated entity’s operations and its principal activities are included in the Directors’ report, which is not part of the financial statements. The financial statements were authorised for issue, in accordance with a resolution of directors, on 26 August 2021. The directors have the power to amend and reissue the financial statements.