Dr James Garner discusses GDC-0084 interim efficacy data with Pitt Street Research

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Our Chief Executive Officer, Dr James Garner, sat down with Stuart Roberts of Pitt Street Research in Sydney to discuss the company’s recent announcement of positive interim efficacy data from its phase II trial of GDC-0084 in glioblastoma.

The interview covers:

  • That the data shows a progression free survival in the eight patients treated of around 8.4 months, which compares very favourably to benchmarks for glioblastoma
  • How GDC-0084 extended progression free survival of MGMT methylated patients who are resistant to temozolomide, the current standard of care
  • How Kazia believes GDC-0084 has every possibility of being the next drug that is FDA approved for glioblastoma
  • The $US1.5 billion untapped market opportunity in glioblastoma
  • That Kazia is looking to use GDC-0084 in other forms of brain cancer


Watch the video interview here: