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Kazia's lead programs, paxalisib and EVT801, draw on the latest advances in precision medicine to modulate the biochemical control pathways that are disordered in cancer.

For Researchers

Paxalisib is a small molecule inhibitor of the PI3K / Akt / mTOR pathway, a central regulator of growth and cell division that is dysregulated in many types of cancer.

Paxalisib is being developed for several forms of brain cancer. It is currently in a pivotal study for registration in glioblastoma.

EVT801 is a small molecule inhibitor of VEGFR3, which is critical to the development of new blood vessels and lymphatic vessels in a growing tumour, as well as to the metastasis of tumours to distant sites in the body.

EVT801 is currently being developed in patients with advanced cancer. Kazia expects that liver cancer, renal cancer, and soft tissue sarcoma are the most likely initial indications.