Dr James Garner interviewed for Switzer Financial Group’s The CEO Masterclass


Our CEO, Dr James Garner sat down with Peter Switzer to discuss Kazia’s upcoming value-driving milestones in 2020 and the development of lead program, paxalisib, for Switzer Financial Group’s The CEO Masterclass series.

The interview covers:

  • The potential commercial opportunity for paxalisib
  • The unique features of the paxalisib program – how the drug has been specifically designed for brain cancer and that it crosses the blood-brain barrier
  • How Kazia has seen very positive signals from paxalisib throughout the clinical development program, with human data showing evidence of the drug delaying progression of the disease
  • The Company’s upcoming milestones in 2020, including additional data from its phase 2 trial
  • How the pivotal phase II / III study, GBM AGILE, will put paxalisib on a direct path to commercialisation


Watch the interview here: