Interview with BioWorld


Our CEO, Dr James Garner was interviewed in BioWorld on the recent release of interim efficacy data from the phase II trial of GDC-0084 in glioblastoma as well as the overall GDC-0084 program.

The article mentions that data from the first nine patients treated in the study “resulted in a median progression-free survival (PFS) rate of 8.4 months compared to the standard of care, temozolomide, which has a PFS of around 5.3 months.”

However, Dr Garner said caution was needed in drawing exact comparisons because this is an early, first look at the data.

“But the fact that it is a larger figure gives us huge confidence that our drug is working better and that we have a strong signal,” he said.

On the wider GDC-0084 program, Dr Garner said that by the standards of drug development, it “has moved incredibly fast.”

“In one sense, that’s exactly how it should be for a drug with as terrible a prognosis as glioblastoma,” he added. “But it also reflects what we’ve tried to do in Kazia. Our goal has been to put forward this agile model for drug development, and the GDC-0084 story is a good illustration of exactly what we’ve been trying to do as a company.”

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