Media coverage of DIPG researcher, Professor Matt Dun for World Brain Tumour Day

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Kazia has been inspired to see widespread media coverage of the University of Newcastle’s Professor Matt Dun to mark World Brain Tumour Day.

Professor Dun was interviewed across leading broadcast and print media about his research into Diffuse Intrinsic Pontine Glioma (DIPG), a rare but aggressive form of childhood brain cancer.

Professor Dun began his research after his daughter – Josie, 3 – was sadly diagnosed with the disease last year. He is focused on the early progression of DIPG and testing new therapies in a bid to improve survival - Kazia’s brain cancer drug GDC-0084 is one of the therapies he has been working with.

Professor Dun was interviewed on Sunrise this week, speaking candidly about Josie and how he hopes his research will have a clinical benefit for her.

Watch the interview below and here.

He was also interviewed by Jane Hansen in the Daily Telegraph on 8 June, and the story was widely syndicated across other News Corp papers. Of his experiments with GDC-0084, he notes that “we have tested 11 DIPG samples in the lab and they are all sensitive to the drug.” Read the story here.

Professor Dun was also featured on Channel 9 online where it mentions that he saw potential in GDC-0084 because the drug “targets one of the drivers of his daughter's tumour”. Read the story here.