What makes our cancer therapies different

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Kazia’s CEO Dr James Garner presented an overview of the company as a guest speaker at the 2018 Gold Coast Investment Showcase.

Dr Garner’s presentation provides an excellent snapshot of the company at present and what makes its current therapies under development – Cantrixil for recurrent ovarian cancer and GDC-0084 for glioblastoma multiforme – different from existing treatment options and others in the clinic.


Watch as Dr Garner covers:

2.30 – Why Kazia is different to most other publicly listed biotechs; the company is not focused on an in-house technology platform and not anchored to one particular piece of research; the company looks to further develop the best undervalued drugs it can find, take them through human trials, and then partner them out to big pharm for commercialisation. This ‘drug incubator’ type of business model means time and cost savings during the drug development process for all involved.

7.05 - The challenges around treating ovarian cancer, and why Cantrixil is an exciting potential new treatment.

11.10 – The high unmet clinical need for treatments for glioblastoma, the primary (and an aggressive) form of brain cancer. The most common drug treatment, temozolomide, is ineffective in about two thirds of patients.

13.50 –GDC-0084 as a viable treatment option for glioblastoma because it’s an inhibitor of the PI3K signalling pathway and it can cross the blood-brain barrier.

15.20 – Safety and efficacy data so far on GDC-0084, which is undergoing a phase 2 clinical trial.